Williamstown Farmers' Market

Williamstown Farmers' Market

Williamstown Farmers' Market

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A wide variety of local, fresh produce can be found at this lovely farmers' market run by Regional Farmers' Markets (RFM).

The purpose of a farmers market is to reconnect the community to the people who produce their food for their mutual benefit and enjoyment.

Consumers have become more discerning about the quality and freshness of the food they place on their tables. RFM provides an opportunity for you to talk with farmers and producers and learn more about various products, nutrients, uses and innovative recipes on offer at our markets.

The philosophy of a farmers market is not to compete with supermarkets on price but to offer true value to consumers and the farmers who grow the food. Farmers markets offer fair exchange for the time and energy put in by farmers and producers to grow and make top quality foods, which will feed and nourish their customers.

Next market is on Sun 14th Oct from 9am to 1pm

Commonwealth Reserve
Nelsons Place
Williamstown, Victoria 3016

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Business Category: Market
Region: North and West Metropolitan Region
Local Area: Hobsons Bay
Opening Dates & Times: 2nd Sunday of each month, 9am to 1pm

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 Fresh Food Market
 Farmers Market

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