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  • Market  (477)
    For many people the word market conjures up a picture of a town square with lots of small stall holders selling everything from fruit and vegetables to meat and fish.
  • Baby and kids markets are especially for baby and kids items. You'll usually find new and/or pre-loved kids clothing, toys, prams and other paraphernalia that comes with kids. A great way to recycle all those items that may otherwise only be used for a short time.
  • Clothing and fashion markets come in all shapes an sizes: vintage, pre-loved, up and coming designers, established designers, hand made and hand crafted, designer accessories, unique one off creations and much much more. Visit one of the many regular fashion markets around Victoria and find yourself something special or simply be inspired by the abundant creativity.
  • The whole unique idea behind Trash and Treasure markets, is to bring private buyers, sellers and swappers together at an attractive and vibrant market atmosphere.
  • These markets have been reported as no longer operating.
  • Few things are more enjoyable than browsing around the very best of Australia's Art and Craft Markets. The colour, friendliness, creativity and quality makes these great markets not only what shopping used to be like, but what it should be like.
  • Farmers Market  (101)
    Farmers markets in Victoria grow produce that's renowned for being locally grown and very fresh. People argue farmers' markets allow farmers to pick produce at the peak of flavor, preserve the nutritional content of fresh produce, and since locally grown produce does not travel as far to get to your table, the difference in mileage saves fossil fuels.
  • Fresh food markets proving the freshest of good and produce.
  • Fair  (38)
    Fairs around Victoria
  • While every effort is made to ensure the information on this site is as up to date and accurate as possible, please confirm with market organisers if a market will be running on a particular date (especially if you might be travelling some distance to visit). Victorian markets open, close, change dates and venues frequently and we are not always advised.

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