Murrabit Country Market


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 Very extensive, 17-01-2014

By: CMVMal

The site description about sums it up.
Murrabit is a good long drive even from Bendigo so if you are not reasonably close but keen to visit it then make it a 2 or 3 day regional holiday.
Murrabit is about 30 mins north of Kerang and the market is, I guess, Murrabit.
It is very well laid out, roomy and has something for everyone. Plenty to choose from for eats and drinks, but not a great deal on the Farmers Market content as you might expect from such a venue.
Apart from earnest shoppers the other things that are sometimes in abundance are bush flies during the warmer months.. We now only visit in the autumn to spring seasons, finding the conditions very pleasing.
We have noted that the vendors tend to be pretty much the same from one month to the next, which is understandable since it is a highly successful venue but this makes it the sort of market we now may visit only once every year or so.
Make no mistake though; this IS one of the best regionals.

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