Daylesford Farmers' Market

Daylesford Farmers' Market

Daylesford Farmers' Market

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The farmer's market offers fair exchange for the time and energy put in by farmers and producers to grow and make top quality foods, which will feed and nourish their customers.

There is an opportunity to talk with producers and learn more about the various products, nutrients and uses, etc on offer.

The Daylesford Farmers Market offers true value to consumers and the farmers who produce and grow the food.

Next market is on Sat 7th Apr from 9am to 1pm

Daylesford Primary School
Vincent Street
Daylesford, Victoria 3460

Extra Details
Business Category: Fresh Food Market
Region: Grampians Region
Local Area: Hepburn (S)
Opening Dates & Times: 1st Saturday of each month, 9am to 1pm

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 Fresh Food Market
 Farmers Market

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